Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We currently offer wash-dry-fold services only. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to offer special services like dry cleaning, or pressing of clothes.

For Express Laundry, we can book for rider within the day. However, this depends on riders available in your area.
For Bulk Laundry, we are scheduled for pickup and delivery every MWF. Your order will be picked up on the next immediate date.

For Express Laundry, it is processed and returned next day (except Sunday as we open Mon-Sat only).
For Bulk Laundry, delivery is scheduled every MWF. Your clothes will be returned on the next scheduled delivery.

On average, this takes about 30-45 minutes depending on available riders in your area. We will be closely coordinating with you about status of the rider once you place your order.

On the average, the rate of rider is P60 + P8 per km. This can be as low as P68 (if less than 1km away) to P120+ (if more than 7kms away) for one way trip. The price will depend how far your house is to our laundromat (Suds Go Pasig Rotonda, Caniogan).

Yes, in the order page, you can choose to book your own rider and advise us of rider details.

Yes, you can. Our low-cost DIY rates still apply for walk-in customers availing of drop-off laundry.

No. DOH recommends that clothes from patients are handled and processed within the facility to avoid further contanimation and spread of the virus.

To minimize direct contact, we prefer payment online via credit card, GCash or bank transfer. We will send you email with payment details and payment is required prior to delivery. Just send us screenshot of payment transaction.

After your laundry is picked up, we will send you email with payment details and payment is required prior to delivery.

For Express Laundry, we are unable to receive cash payments.
For Bulk Laundry, yes, our staff can receive cash payments although we prefer online payment to minimize direct contact.