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Wash Dry Fold

  • Daily pickup/delivery
  • Fast service, next day delivery
  • Free pickup/delivery (limited time promo)
  • Lower cost for large bags (12 kgs)
  • Can fit large comforters
  • Limited to Ortigas and Pasig

Free pickup and delivery. Limited time promo.

Important Reminder:

  • For safety reasons, our staff will process clothes directly to the machine. We will not sort nor count items.
  • Please segregate darks/blacks from lights/white to minimize bleeding.
  • Please keep your bags sealed to minimize any contamination.
  • Separate bags will be loaded and processed separately. You will be charged accordingly.
  • Price is subject to change upon processing your clothes. We will contact you for any price adjustment.
  • We cannot handle clothes from suspected and confirmed Covid patients. As recommended by DOH, please clean your clothes within your premises to avoid further contamination.